Momma Needs New Shoes….

Do you want to tell me now how much you love me or wait until I tell you the big news…?

Tell me now.


I love you too.

Kiss, Kiss.

Where was I?

Right, big news.

Here goes….

I have gotten together with some of my bloggy friends to give one our amazing readers some Christmas Cash!

Yup, Cold Hard Cash!

Xmas Give Away





This Giveaway is open worldwide and you have until December 6th to enter!

Good Luck!

$110 CAD Christmas Cash Giveaway

$110 CAD Christmas Cash Giveaway

75 thoughts on “Momma Needs New Shoes….

  1. I would by craft supplies then come over to your house and craft with your kids for a few hours while you and your husband relaxed or went out for dinner or something.

  2. Great giveaway! Call me boring, but I would use it to pay down the new windows we just bought. We moved into a resale home 3 months ago, and the house needs so much work!

  3. I would get my oldest son a pair of headphones for christmas. I have gifts for all my other children (I have 5) but still need something for my oldest and no money 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  4. I clearly don’t have my glasses on and thought it said $1,110….now that I have them on, and see it’s $110, I’d buy my son some new clothes! He is more important then myself! 🙂

  5. Well I’m trying to lose all the baby flab from my youngest (she’s 18 months now so I guess I can’t use her as an excuse anymore…oops…) and I need new pants…cuz nobody deserves to see that kind of a full moon if you catch my drift! Lol. So yeah, I’d buy new pants! XO


    Seriously….I haven’t bought new shoes in a year. This is actually causing me physical discomfort.

  7. Well… mama does need new shoes… but no, I’d probably put it towards a new DSLR camera. Then I could take some awesome pictures, sell them, and use the money to buy new shews!!!

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