Pinterest Fail….

Recently I was asked the question that makes me cringe…..

“What are you making for supper tonight?”


This is an intimate question.

It’s like being asked if you are wearing nylon or cotton panties.

See, I was on my “second date” with a new Mommy friend and when she asked the question, it freaked me out a bit.  I was totally worried that my answer would determine the status of our friendship.

Yes, I am being dramatic.

Yes, I know what you are thinking..

You are thinking this…. Who cares? If she doesn’t like that you cook your kids hot dogs, then she is not the friend for you.

Am I right?


But I didn’t flinch. I mean my daughter was running around her house like a college co ed on Spring Break, I figured I was okay to speak the truth. She wouldn’t judge.

“Hot Dogs.”

Then she said,  “the kind with the noodles in them from Pinterest?”

Um… no.

But, sure, why not go for “Mom of the Year.”

Hot Dog Noodles

HD Prick


HD in water 1

Yes, I just stuck a bunch of spaghetti into a hot dog and boiled it. Super easy. Just make sure the pot you are using is pretty big.

HD in water

HD done

Hot Dog with Noodles in it

I was so bloody pleased of myself for making the coolest Kid Supper on planet, I even named them “Poodle Dogs.”

Get it.

Hairy Hot Dogs.

And before you ask…

Yes, those are frozen peas.


I seriously felt like I had rocked the hell out of supper.

I am not only the best looking, funniest and smartest Mom , but now I am also a Pinterest Mom.





Baby Bot kept crying real tears for “HOT DOGS WITH NO NOODLES!”

Then Whirlwind did this…..

HD Final


She picked all the noodles out and then ate the Poodle Dog with out the Poodle.

Riddle me this.  My kids will eat spaghetti. My kids will eat hot dogs. My kids will not eat hot dogs with spaghetti sticking out of it.



I texted a picture to my new Mom friend.

She replied with, “Ewww. That looks like a gross pickle with zits.”

Yes, it does lady.

And it’s all your fault.

Disclosure: No new friendships were hurt in the writing of this post. 

UPDATE:  I recently found out that you are to cut the hot dogs into round circles and then poke it with the spaghetti noodles. Mental note: Pinterest the Pinterest recipe before attempting it. Idiot.

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  1. LOL!!!

    Kids are weird.

  2. LOL You are awesome. And hilarious.

  3. Why. Why.Why. Ew. At least if you’re going to make something from Pinterest it should have alcohol in it, on it, and around it. Your kids are very smart to not want to eat that.

  4. I never go on Pinterest as it makes me feel bad. All those fancy looking recipes… And what is it with moms who ask other moms what they are going to make for dinner? Many times I do not know what we are going to have for dinner just before sitting down to eat dinner :).
    But your meal should go on Pinterest to prove to others that there are mothers out there that try and fail :), but still love their children.
    I love the way you write. Funny and witty. Thank you for the relaxing read.

  5. LOL ewwwww that is so gross looking after Whirlwind pulled the noodles out of the hot dogs.

  6. LOL I laughed all the way through this post! I’ve got to admit, I haven’t seen that pin…hot dogs with noodles. I don’t think my husband would go for it…and the kids are all gone so that isn’t one I’ll try…especially on your review. Awesome post!!
    Debbie :)

  7. Too funny and at least you tried! I’ve been asked what’s for dinner too and if I can’t think of anything (or it’s going to be leftovers AGAIN) I just say “cereal”.

  8. If I presented my kids with this, I bet there’d be screaming. And then they’d probably throw them at each other. I don’t even bother trying out the cutesy food, because my kids are awful. If it doesn’t look like one of the five things they’ll eat, I’m lucky if they’ll even sniff it before turning their noses up at it. So they’re like koalas. Koalas will only eat eucalyptus leaves – picky little buggers. I wish they were more like goats. Goats’ll eat anything.

  9. This blows my hot dog octopus right out of the park :)

  10. Nope. I’m with the kids on this one. I will eat hot dogs. And I will eat spaghetti. But I will not eat spaghetti speared hot dogs.

  11. bahahaha that is amazing.
    There are more pinterest fails than pinterest wins by a longshot so don’t feel too bad

  12. You had me cracking up by the time I got to the end, especially the gross pickle with zits, now that was a definite ewwwwww!!! I think the moral of the story is your kids don’t view you as an epic fail until you modernize their hot dogs!
    PS – I cringe at the dinner question, too – I am not one of those moms or wives, I’m much better at being the prep chef or clean-up gal, better yet, the guest for dinner!! ;-)

  13. We tried this one year at the library for a Halloween party. We (being me) cut up the hot dogs and threaded spaghetti through them. We doused the cooked product with Ragu and called it brains. NEVER again EVER!! Any idea how long it takes to thread 4 or 5 pieces of spaghetti through each hunk of hot dog when you care cooking 5 dozen dogs? A hell of a long time. Any idea how much spaghetti broke off and was all over my floor? LOTS. And then the little buggers didn’t even think it was that scary. Nope – we cook hot dogs and provide buns. If they want something fancier they need to show their mothers pintrest. I don’t go near that site. As for what are we having for supper? My stock answer was always either fried farts and fiddleheads or stewed bugs and onions.

  14. The concept is genius. Ordering a pizza is still easier though :-)

  15. A pickle with Zits? LMAO That’s awesome!

  16. Christine M says:

    The best thing I got out of this is thank god someone else’s kid eats frozen peas for supper too!

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